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The FierceChat Mission Statement

#FierceChat Mission Statement

Build a diverse Twitter Chat user group whose mission is to empower members in the successful use of social media as a tool to improve their personal and business endeavors.

Objectives of #FierceChat

  • Provide great content to members
  • Provide a safe environment where members feel comfortable discussing their point of view
  • Teach, encourage, and guide members on the various uses of Social Media for personal and business gain
  • Seek out diverse membership through open dialogue and networking with diverse communities
  • Engage with all members of the group and utilize their ideas and contributions to make the group stronger
  • Select topics of discussion that are interesting to participants by seeking recommendations. Receive feedback on topics and adjust topics as needed
  • Understand and show hot to utilize social media tools to ensure success of the chat and its members
  • Conduct occasional brainstorming sessions to keep topics fresh and obtain ideas for new topics
  • Obtain members involvement by seeking recommendations for topics of discussion, encourage posting of articles and comments to #Fiercechat wall and engaging openly during chat meetings
  • Achieve organic growth through implementation of all objectives, being tolerant of differences, and showing respect to all

Comments on: "The FierceChat Mission Statement" (1)

  1. Hi! My name is Alicia Crumpton (twitter: @yeaaaitty), I am a student at The University of North Texas! I am interested in joining your tweetchat on Wednesdays! I am new to tweet chatting, as well as twitter as a whole- i know… i know.. (talk about late), BUT I am interested in #FierceChat and am curious on how I can join???

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