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Subject: Feeding Trolls and Watching your Comments

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT



  • How would you define a troll?
  • Have you had many experiences with trolls?
  • How do they make you feel when you encounter them?
  • What are some effective ways to deal with them?


Avoidance is the best policy: If you can catch them shooting their mouths off, totally ignore remarks left by trolls. Don’t feed the trolls should be stuck up on a yellow sticky always.

Avoid arguments: If you do get on a one-to-one with someone you suspect to be a troll, keep your remarks to an absolute minimum. State your facts and move on. Put the ball in their court. By the second remark or so, a troll would have identified himself.

Don’t let them flatter to deceive: There is a high chance that a troll will pay a compliment or two to ingratiate himself before he starts his attack. This is a tough one as there are many real admirers who do sugar coat their comments.

Ask For Supporting Data: To net a troll in the anti-spam net, you can ask for data that can quickly verified like an email address or domain name. Genuine commentators usually have an online persona to back themselves.

The power of the webmaster: You can use blacklists and whitelists to separate the bad from the good. IP addresses can be tracked and persistent attacks from an IP or a range of IPs can be effectively blocked.

Issues with Comments:

    • Have you ever had anyone leave an inappropriate comment on a thread?
    • How did it make you feel?
    • Have you ever left inappropriate comments on somebody else’s thread?
    • Do you think your comment added to or detracted from the discussion?
    • Why do you think so many people leave disrespectful comments?
    • When is it appropriate to disagree with a post or a comment?
    • How can you engage with people you disagree with more effectively?
    • What are some best practices for dealing with negative comments?
    • What about negative reviews?
    • Don’t forget about your reputation.

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