A place where diversity equals community

Graphic provided by Brand Channel 

Subject: The Diversity Project – A 30 Day Journey on Google Plus

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday Nov 9, 2011

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT


Come and meet Kaela Berry and Deeone Higgs who have both contributed articles to “The Diversity Project.” We will chat with them about their life, their current goals and the articles the contributed to MediaTapper.

Mediatapper Articles:

Has Google Plus Forgotten No Child Left Behind

Ignorance is Bliss, Not a Branding Technique

    • Meet Deeone and Kaela.
    • Interesting things about Deeone and Kaela.
    • Why they decided to participate in “The Diversity Project”
    • Q/A for Deeone and Kaela.


    • Why is personal branding important in social media?
    • Things to consider for your own personal branding.
    • Tips to help you establish a personal brand and how to recover if it’s been damaged.

No Child Left Behind

    • What is No Child Left Behind?
    • What are the criteria the schools must achieve in order to meet No Child Left Behind?
    • What happens when a school doesn’t meet the requirements?
    • What are the alternatives for parents?

Graphic from CaseNotes on No Child Left Behind

Useful Links:

Hashtracking Report/ Recap

LA schools are organizing to make education improvements

Alternatives to Public School using online education

Learn more about No Child Left Behind

Learn more about branding at BrandChannel


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