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Bonjovi Twylah Page (tweets.bonjovi.com)

Do you want your tweets to have an afterlife? Are you looking for an easy way to brand your tweets? There’s a tool for that, it’s called Twylah.

I have to admit that a month ago I had not even heard of Twylah. I would see posts about it occasionally in my twitter stream so I asked a few Twitter friends about it and they highly recommended it. I signed up and after a few days I too had my very own page.

So my page is all set up and it looks great but now what the heck do I do with it. Good thing I run a chat show because I had a lot of questions and Kelly had the answers I am very glad that she agreed to join me so my questions could be answered and the #FierceChat audience could be educated  as well. Here is a recap of some of the high lights.

JF:  What is Twylah and why should people use it?

KK: Twylah creates a beautiful, organized website out of your tweets. We call them “Twitter Brand Pages.” Some people think of their Twylah “brand pages” like an auto-generated “blog” or website of their tweets. Whatever you call them, your Twylah pages create a nice presence for you out of the content you tweet.  Why “should” people use it?  Hmm. From our perspective, it is really about your goals/intentions. If your intention is for your content to be organized, engaging, and FOUND beyond Twitter, try Twylah.

JKallas: Let’s call Twylah dynamic blog of your tweets sorted by topics.

JF: How many people have signed up for Twylah and what is your demographic?

KK: We are not measuring our success by the number of users, yet.  Instead we are focused on making our pages LOOK fabulous, and getting our pages to PERFORM fabulously. Our pages “performing” means getting great discovery and engagement. In regards to demographics our visitors skew toward female, highly educated, and 35-55 yrs.

JF: What are the benefits of Twylah. Can it be used for both business and personal reasons?

KK: Benefit: Twylah increases the life of your tweets from hours to days/weeks. Benefit: Twylah increases engagement with your tweets from seconds to minutes. Benefit: Twylah makes your Twitter content understandable and engaging to the 90% of people NOT on Twitter. Yes it can be used for both business or personal! It is the QUALITY and coherence that makes your pages great.

JKcallas: Twylah is great tool to discover other influential users on Twitter as well and see what your followers like to read and share.

JF:  How should people use their Twylah page (s) to get the most out of it?

KK:  The beauty of Twylah is there is minimal effort. You tweet, and the technology does the heavy lifting. That said, create great content consistently! We can’t help much if you have horrible, inconsistent content. Tweet your page regularly, daily, weekly, as your tweet wrap-up, social summary! “Like” it! +1 it! SHARE IT!  In theory, the more you share your Twylah, the more Google will find it through search.  A “custom domain” is a way to put your Twylah on your website (Example, Bon Jovi http://t.co/E1e1kfSx).

JF: Twylah and diversity go hand in hand. Can you elaborate on that please?

KK: It’s not easy to get a true sense of someone’s talents by looking at a few tweets. We hope our pages celebrate ALL OF YOU.  We want to get even better at showing each person’s unique contributions & points of view. We LOVE pages that are “diverse” because they really show the beauty of all points of view.  All people are “diverse” and unique. Let’s give ourselves permission to be who we truly are.

Kabaim: It’s difficult to hide who you really are on Twylah – it’s a great reflection of the diversity you represent.

JF: How can Twylah be used in combination with your Twitter Account to showcase talents, personal brand, and improve engagement?

KK: First, go to our homepage  & request an invite. Please email kellykim@Twylah.com for quicker access!  Twylah simply gives you another place/format to show your talents & DIVERSITY via your Twitter content. Twylah helps you share in a way that resonates on Twitter and beyond Twitter.

As you can see from our discussion Twylah is a great tool that captures your tweets in a great format and allows you to use it to define yourself as a brand. Once you sign up it does all of the work for you so you really have nothing to lose. I encourage you to sign up today and follow the recommendations given by Kim and Twylah users to get the most out of it.

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  1. I love the Twylah service especially now that Twitter has limited archiving capability.

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