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Last weekend, for at least two days, Bullying is for Losers was a trending topic on Twitter.  Here are a few tweets that I found this morning on the same topic:

Iinspiredall ♥SoMuchInspiration♥
Bullying is for losers. Put an end to hate crimes ♥ #MakeALawForJamey God bless you Jamey, rest in peace
Lauren M. Doucette
LaurenMDoucette Lauren M. Doucette

Bullying is for losers. Teen’s parents: After suicide, he’s still being bullied on.today.com/nCXCDU

Last week we lost another young teen because of bullying. I, like many young people in Junior High and High school, was bullied and taunted unmercifully over a span of 1 1/2 years. It finally ended in the 8th grade when when a couple of the bullies tipped my desk over and my finger was smashed getting caught between the table and floor. I didn’t snitch anyone out and because of that the bullies told me that they thought I was a pretty cool dude. I was never bullied again after this incident.  I know now that I probably could have ended the bullying a lot sooner if I would have physically fought back. The guys were much bigger than I and because of that I never really had the courage to do so.

Two fellow Twitter friends were also severely impacted by Bullying. @Susie_Parker had to deal with bullies because of her ethnicity (she’s half Asian). She was even called the “N” word by her tormentors and had to deal with this type of bullying for close to 2 years. @GracefullyYours was bullied as a child, however, her daughter experienced threats to her life and taunting that got so bad they pulled her out of school and found other means to complete her education.

There were many others who participated in a special edition #FierceChat last night who had also either experienced bullying themselves or were helping their kids deal with it.

Today there are a multitude of resources that can be used to help deal with bullying. I have added a few links below that I believe you will find very useful.

  • Here is a great resource on bullying that is chock full of information and tips on dealing with bullying. If you don’t read any other article this one is a must
  • This site is specifically for helping kids deal with bullying. There is a lot of information about why kids bully and very detailed information on how to coach your kids if they are being bullied or if they are a witness to bullying. There is even information on teaching your kids not to be bullies.
  • Cyber Bullying is another insidious type of bullying that is now pervasive on the internet. This is another great site that provides very useful information to help prevent and deal with harassment over the internet.
  • It Gets Better is a series of You Tube videos by both celebrities and non-celebrities letting kids know that if they press forward instead of giving up it will get better.
  • The Trevor Project is specifically for LGBT youth who are contemplating suicide but they are a great resource for any family who is dealing with a troubled young person.
  • Read this post if you want to learn how to effectively deal with adult bullying

Take some time to review these sites and feel free to comment and let me know any other great sites you are aware of that can help parents or friends and relatives of kids being bullied to get help.

To prevent bullying you must get involved. Unfortunately silence empowers  bullies so do your part to help end this scourge that is killing and scarring young people today.


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