A place where diversity equals community

Subject: Twylah and You

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday September 28

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT

Link to my Twylah Page

This week we have special guest Kelly Kim who is going to chat with us about Twylah. We will learn what Tywlah is and how it can be used to help manage your twitter stream. She is very interested in the diverse community we are building here on #FierceChat and will also explain how Twylah can help us to better understand our unique  image that is being projected through Twitter. There will be an interesting twist that we’re going to try in this chat so you will definitely want to stop by and check it out.


  • What is Twylah?
  • Why you should be interested in this new tool and how you can get the most out of it.
  • The importance of branding.
  • Is Branding only for business or can it be used to improve your personal image as well.
  • How you can use Twylah as part of your overall branding strategy.
  • Why Tywlah and diversity go hand in hand.
  • Open Mic.

Comments on: "Agenda – How to get the most out of Twylah" (1)

  1. Looking forward to this chat!

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