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Baby blue iguanas

Two newly hatched Grand Cayman blue iguanas check each other out at the Anne and Kenneth Griffin Reptile Conservation Center at the San Diego Zoo. Since 2007, the zoo has been involved in an international effort to save the critically endangered reptile. (Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo)

I am going to celebrate diversity this morning in a way that I can safely say has never been done in the history of forever.

As I was looking through the online news in USA today and LA times this morning there were 3 articles that caught my attention. The first article  pointed out that as of 12:01 AM Tuesday Sep 20 DADT has been officially repealed. It is a time for gays to celebrate as this day brings us one step closer to being considered equal in the eyes of the law. While there is still a lot of work to be done to achieve full equality, this is a major milestone and it deserves to be celebrated.

I was also pleased to read another article that claimed the amount of mixed race marriages between blacks and whites are on the rise. A very interesting point was made that the rate of black men marrying white women was much higher than black women marrying white men. I have a theory on why that is the case but I’d like to hear from the readers on their thoughts as to what’s up with that.

The article went on to say that mixed race marriages between whites and Hispanics and whites and Asians have platued but at a much higher rate than blacks and whites.  The mix of men vs women of Hispanics was also much closer to 50/50 and Asian women are more likely to marry white men. I am interested in what the readers have to say about why they think why mixed marriages are more common for Asians and Hispanics. Again the fact that mixed marriages are becoming less of an issue in the country is a milestone to be celebrated because it is a sign that the barriers between races are steadily decreasing and we are one step closer to realizing the Dream of Martin Luther King and so many others who have fought for equality and civility among people of all races and ethnicities.

Finally, I am very happy to report that in the third interesting article I read this morning, it states that the largest ever brood of baby blue iguanas was born this summer in the San Diego Zoo. Indigenous to the Grand Cayman Islands, the Blue Iguana population was as low as only a few dozen when a concerted effort was made to save the species through a capture and breed program.  A total of 9 hatchlings were born in the zoo from two different females and all of the little guys are doing great.  Over time 500 captive Blue Iguanas have been released to the wild resulting in a comeback of the species. I think it’s fantastic that there are many scientists and animal lovers who have a vision to preserve the beauty of our planet so future generations will know and understand how amazing our natural environment really is.

There you have it. I am 99.9 % sure that this is the first blog post in the history of blogging that discussed gays in the military, interracial marriage, and Blue Iguanas in the same article. Anyone care to challenge me on that? Diversity has been taken to a whole new level.


Comments on: "Gays in the Military, Interracial Marriage, and Blue Iguanas" (19)

  1. Hehe you are cute!

    On the issue of Gays in the Military- I think if a person can do the job they should be able to do the job and what they do at home at night is their business

    I want to hear your thoughts on the interracial stufff

    I love reptiles

    • Thanks for reading my blog. I will state my opinion on interracial relationships but I’d like to hear more responses before I give my opinion.

  2. Phoenix said:

    I definitely think you are the first to discuss all three subjects. I am glad DADT has been repealed it was dumb policy to start wtih even if the intent was supposedly of good faith. People are who they are and whether you make them hide that fact it will not stop them from doing the job they are hired to do. A person’s personal life should have impact on their ability to earn a living and do something so few are willing to do (risk their life for our freedoms).

    I too would like to hear your thoughts on why less black women are marrying white men as oppsed to black men marrying white women.

    • Thanks for checking out my blog post. I will state my opinion but I want some others to chime in and give theirs before I do.

  3. BabyGund said:

    Here we go…I am putting myself out here…

    I only date interracially. Only white men.

    Not that I an opposed to dating other races or even Black men. But….I date white men.
    I chalk it up to the neighborhoods in which I was raised; we were, if not the only, one of very few black families in majority white neighborhoods. So those were my dating experiences.

    When I got into HS and college, I did date a few black men, a few Asian men and a few Hispanic men. But my ex is white. And the guy I am currently talking to is white.

    • Very interesting comment. This also merits further discussion. Lots of topics for upcoming chats.

  4. Jim I’m sure you’ll always hold the record for putting together an article on gays in the military, interracial marriage and blue iguanas. If someone else does it they are simply trying to copy a master.

    Hooray for DADT repeal! I mean seriously who cares about sexual orientation? Time to stop labeling people and instead celebrate our diversities. Vive nos différences!

    That goes for interracial marriages too. It is however curious that black women are less likely to integrate in marriage. But the article did state that “Blacks who have completed higher levels of education are more likely to marry whites because they have a greater chance of interacting with them in school, the workplace and neighborhoods where they live”. Maybe males have a greater chance of doing that than females? Hmmm.

    If we use that premise then in answer to your question, Asians and Hispanics appear to have been more interactive with whites over the past half century. This could possibly account for the higher instances of interracial relationships. In my own observations over the years I have noticed that males for the most part are much more willing to breach the racial barrier than females, no matter which ethnicity. The responses from females I’ve spoken to is that they are much more territorial of their male counterparts. Interesting, no?

    • Very interesting. I do think that African American women have a higher rate of post high school education than African American men. Like I said I have a theory and will state it once more people have chimed in.

  5. BabyGund said:

    Can I add a theory? Those they have higher educations are usually more open-minded as well. One of my proposals was from a guy with a GED, but the others had Master’s degrees, like myself.

  6. Great post Jim! I was very happy to hear about the repeal of the ban on gay men and women serving in the military. I also agree that it’s a step in the right direction. I don’t have a problem with interracial marriage, but what I do have a problem with are the articles and/or studies that portray that a certain group of men and women aren’t desirable enough for the opposite sex within their own race. As a black woman, I’m so over hearing that black men don’t want me and that I’m not good enough for a white man. Finally, I never knew that blue iguanas existed, very cool!

    • Thank you Kimmie for reading the blog and posting your comment. We certainly have a lot of work to do (even in the media) and in some small way I hope that the #FierceChat community will make a difference.

  7. grammakaye said:

    Hi Jim! Let me start with the (easiest) Blue Iguanas ~ always a feel good, & please do well for species when thoughtful planned intervention has not allowed them to go extinct.
    * * *
    DADT being repealed ~ Jim, I could very well at times on some subjects be dumber than a bucket of rocks. I would only hope that dumb bucket or rocks would serve some good & positive purpose (like used to define a flower bed border or something like that). I there is a time to move forward in all things like DADT. I don’t want to see anybody have to hide themselves in a ‘closet’ & not be allowed their own truth. I’m thinking if DADT had been repealed sooner than the current time we are living in, those who ‘did tell’ would have been in more danger from their military comrades, would have been targeted and hurt in many more ways with dishonorable discharge, lack of promotion, & perhaps even physical danger than now. Even though it is repealed, doesn’t mean the road is yet smooth. It does mean it’s a step, a start, a beginning for understanding. It’s still in process. I would think the first order of the DADT repeal is those who ‘do tell’ can now have a voice if they continue to be discriminated against.
    * * *
    Interracial marriage ~ Most often thinking back in my lifetime, one was more apt to see interracial marriage in the heavily populated cities in America where there existed was high diversity in the neighborhoods.

    Thinking back in my lifetime & looking upon the black now known as “African American” civil rights’ movements….interracial marriages (even intermingling by sitting together in the same cafe) was feared to happen (as though that would be a horror). Well it is not a horror & in fact it has happened, it is happening every day throughout America now.

    I’m in fact lost on what’s happening with Asians & Hispanics. Do realize this, in my small Midwest city, we in fact do have many Hispanic males who are marrying caucasion women & it is in direct regard to the males immigration status or lack of immigration status. That is not a myth. It happens every day.

    It’s hard for any marriage to make it in this world (is the current figure 50% of all marriages fail?) ….I would think about any interracial marriage there would be that added dimension of cultural differences to learn, understand & ultimately for couples to do their best to make it together in marriage.

    I’m @grammakaye on twitter.

    • Hi Kaye,

      Glad you stopped by and enjoyed the blog post. Aren’t blue iguanas great? I cracked up with your dumb buckets analogy. I think they’re probably good for playing in a sandbox and going to the beach.

      Yes it is about time DADT was repealed. Unfortunately these things take time and we still don’t have full equality but this is as good of an excuse as any to throw a party and have a little celebration.

      The progress made in race relations is also a promising step forward. I don’t know if we’ll ever be all the way there but the more people who are intolerant of racism the more that dilute the poison and make it less impactful.

      Relationships are tough, especially when you mix cultures. My other half is Mexican American and we had a lot of growing pains at the beginning as we adjusted to each others cultural differences. It takes work and willingness by both parties to embrace the others culture but it also opens you up to new and rich experiences.

  8. I’m glad that DADT has been shut down. It was a DUMB policy and now it’s time to move on with our live.

    As for mix marriages….I have no idea why that is. I think it’s cause we all live and work much more closely then we did before. But at the end of the day you have to like who you like and be with someone who likes and respects you. Black, white, green, or blue. A lot as ben lose been lost between black men and black women. I think there needs to be a lot of re-building between these two camps. And Black women shouldn’t be waiting for Black men to get it together either. I could go on and on about this topic. LOL

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your 2 cents. I really appreciate people who not only read a blog but take a minute to add a comment as well. I’d like to learn more about the loss between black men and black women. It is a subject we are going to approach in one of the #FierceChats because it’s something that comes up now and again and if we can talk about it and bring these types of issues out in the open perhaps we can figure out a way to be part of the solution and not the problem. I know these types of issues are deep rooted and difficult to resolve but it would be interesting to take a stab at it.

  9. […] you clearly need to hang out with Jim Fierce, who managed to come upon three happy news stories. One has to do with gays in the military, one has to do with race relations, and one…one has to… Naturally! Want to see the good news? Check out his […]

  10. Frankly, I believe God made all of us and is colorblind. Race is only talked about to create tensions and ingrain in people that there are differences. If the people in the world could not see (no eyes or sight) what would that look like? We certainly wouldn’t be talking about race.

    I believe everyone IS equal based on their own character and capacity. I’m an American, I’m not a “race”.

  11. Hi, Jim-

    Good post. Yes, you are probably the first to get this particular combination into the same post.

    1. DADT. The repeal is a good thing. People should not have to hide who they are or what they believe to serve in the military, go to church, work or do much of anything else.

    2. Interrracial marriages. Is the rise good or bad? Who can say? People should get married and hopefully, stay married based on their love, affection and caring for each other.
    This is a good thing that MAY be moving toward Dr King’s dream, but I am not certain that this is what this signifies, given the history of Black-White relations and relationships.

    3. Blue Iguanas- what can you say besides, excellent.

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