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Using Social Media for Good

Wed Sep 14, 2011, 5 pm PT

  1. Summary of last weeks chat – Effective Networking
  2. Start up of Flash Chat – Another New Chat
  3. Links to articles
    1. Jacob’s Story
    2. Jodi’s Story
    3. Marcellus Update, Marcellus Story
    4. Marcellus Facebook Wall
    5. Trey Pennington Story
    6. Just Coz Poem for Trey Pennington
    7. Using social media for good
    8. Social media and crime fighting
    9. Alive in your Heart
  4. What are some ways social media can be used for good causes?
  5. Can social media be used to reach underprivelaged kids (and adults)? Any examples?
  6. Would you use FB walls for memorializing those who have passed?
  7. Have you made donations using social media? What are the benefits? Are there any disadvantages?
  8. What social media platforms do you believe are the most effective for making real changes in society? Why?
  9. Do you believe Social media can be effective in fighting crime? Do you know any examples?
  10. Can social media help prevent crime? What about suicide or                violence and bullying?

Comments on: "Agenda – Using Social Media for Good" (1)

  1. […] I started circulating the agenda for Using Social Media for Good on Twitter I heard from Angela Daffron that she was really excited about the upcoming chat. When I […]

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