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Thank you everyone for engaging in last nights chat where the topic was networking.  Some things to note from our discussion:

  1. Favorite ways to network are: through SM, IRL, with clients, online discussions, forums and blogs, association membership, committee affiliations, and twitter chats.
  2. Outcome of networking: is connect with people that may not have done otherwise, learn peoples ideas on various matters, increase circles and gain wisdom,  fresh perspective,
  3. What we bring to the table in networking: different perspective and new ideas, bring truth and perhaps ability to provide service, positive and high energy, fresh connections, legal connections, listen, new ideas, share perspective, Devil’s advocate, sounding board, unvarnished opinion, rolodex, tips/tricks
  4. Effective networking: wisdom circles, join focused groups with intent to things that are real and productive,view networking as an exchange not as opportunistic, focus on what I can give not what I can get, take time to get to know ppl in your networks don’t just call on them when needed, don’t be afraid to ask questions, have conversations that are not always on topic, don’t alway focus on business, don’t just pass out business cards.
  5. Situations that went well: Used networking to steer traffic to blogs, gain clients, goes best when not selling,  not well: went to session that wasn’t well defined,
  1. Have you gone outside comfort zone: always outside comfort zone, As a Black Man in America I am the ultimate negative stereotype, most ppl tend to stay w/in safe spaces ie own demographic, Always but ethical communication calls for civility and finding connections, had a boss say I would talk to fencepost- I will network w/ anybody.
  2. Have you been minority in networking situation: work in a diverse community, All the time. “Adjusting” is 2nd nature bcuz every so often u r reminded that u r a minority (Race, gender, etc.), Yes as young mom w/ older kids and when younger and no degree.
  3. Important to network out of your comfort zone:  Its all that I have known so I would say yes. Being a world traveler has given me even greater opportunity as well, I don’t think it’s the adjusting but the resistance to do it. The feeling of “Why should I have to?” definitely. well for 1,my writing and speaking patterns have changed. totally immersed myself in dif cultures, If we all stay inside our comfort bubbles, what’s the point? we’re just missing out on meeting great people, Absolutely – immense growth, perspective that I needed could not have learned had I stayed in the comfort zone, Stepping outside expands our minds and our connections, our opportunities and our lives
  4. Introvert or extrovert and how does it impact ur networking: a curious introvert. I am too curious to let it hold me back! It works for me though!, I ride the line – I am more introvert in that I need down time, but I also need connection,  I’m definitely an introverted guy. M the dude who stayed in the library for most of college and high school,  I am a reserved extrovert!, I’m an introvert — especially IRL. But I still enjoy engaging conversation. I just process for a while first :), Introvert. I really enjoy my own company. 🙂 However, I play well with others. I just need to retreat to recenter, I am both intro/exo just really depends on the energy of the company I am with of what comes out more, extrovert extreme. Have to reign back, listen. Can learn by listening w/ intent to understand. proactive 2 connecting helps
  5. Bonus Q: How do you interact with your opposite “Ert” lol One of my great friends is the ultimate extrovert. I just take a deep breath and dive in & welcome the unexpected,  I think it is a matter of finding commonality, respecting space, and committing to move past that barrier, Recommend that introverts ask open-ended questions which will allow the conversational flow to help center them while they focus, Urm, i just do it. i mean i dont really think about who is an ex or an in when i chat. if i see a topic i just go, Meeting them where they are at and not trying to transform them into the same “ert”,  Extroverts energize me and draw me out of my shell, push my comfort zone

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