A place where diversity equals community

I’m pleased to offer our readers the first guest post here at the FierceChat blog. Written by @Gracefullyyours it offers an insight into why Grace was so excited to help me get #FierceChat up and running. We hope to have many more of you give your insights in the weeks to come.


A few weeks ago Jim @Fierce_Living was wondering what it would be like to host a twitter chat. What the heck, it was only for one night. If it bombed then no harm done, right? He put out the word to his followers, took a deep breath and ran with it.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to join in that night were privy to something new and exciting. We talked without barriers, without expectations. We ended up having so much fun it was evident this needed to be a weekly occurrence. Poor Jim didn’t know what he was in for!

Any of you who have been around Twitter a while know about chats. There are chats concerning social media usage, business tools, online tools, dogs, cats, cars… the list goes on and on. What niche could #FierceChat possibly fulfill that wasn’t already out there? Lucky for us Jim found something unique and was able to describe it in one word:


For Jim that word isn’t some politically correct way of pandering to the masses, it’s a true belief in celebrating the dissimilarities in each of us. He wanted a place where people can come to understand cultural differences and be able to communicate and engage effectively in a safe environment.

In the coming weeks we will all be watching as #FierceChat takes its first steps. As with anything new there may be a few bumps along the way and some kinks to work out. That’s okay. In the long run we’ll end up being witness to many amazing insights and engaging in copious amounts of conversations.

Thank you Jim for giving us the opportunity to have a place we can all feel we belong.



Comments on: "Diversity Isn’t Just A Word" (2)

  1. grammakaye said:

    I’m really proud of all of you & I have found Jim @Fierce_Living to be a truly special, unique, warm, witty, kind, intelligent human being. REALLY A GOOD PERSON. I am not sure when or how many #FierceChat that I will actually get to, but I will keep an eye out & am following @Fierce_Chat.

    I don’t care for Facebook, love twitter, & like Jim says “What’s the point of twitter if people don’t engage?” There is a legitimate need & want for people to converse and connect without personal attacks. I have opinions, I have judgments I make every day, while knowing I am imperfect, sometimes uneducated, I know I make the effort to be forthright & honest without being cruel & biting.

    Above is about ‘me’ but the ‘we’ of it all is as human beings we need to value each other & acknowledge & appreciate what we all can bring to the table. Getting back to respectful, polite conversation is a wonderful foundation to start from. The time for goodness has come back around again as far as I’m concerned. This new #FierceChat is a fine indicator of such. Thank you so much @Gracefullyyours for writing this blog entry. Looking forward to meeting & following some of you. I’m @grammakaye on twitter

    • Hi Kaye,

      Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and you are always welcome to join #FierceChat.

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