A place where diversity equals community

Thank you everyone for engaging in #FierceChat last night. Below on this page is a summary/ action plan and on the following pages I also captured some of the chat if you care to scroll down and review.

1. I will work on a mission statement and some goals and objectives for this chat based on our conversations over the last two sessions. I will  also include chat etiquette and guidelines. I will post it on the #Fiercechat Wall and open it up to comments.

2. I have set up a comment/ suggestion wall and here is the link. I will back it up off line periodically so that if it gets deleted or some malicious person trashes it we will be able to regenerate it.

3. It sounds like there is a consensus that an occasional co-host would be great. I love the idea so can I please get some volunteers? I would also like about 2 – 3 wingpeople. The wingpeople will help welcome newbies when they enter the chat and follow up with them within a day or so of the chat. Any volunteers?

4. A few topics to consider are careers in S/M (include job search rec’s, career change into S/M, skills needed, what businesses need in this area). A few that I have thought about are SM and hyper local markets, Diversity in SM, Artists and S/M, New Trends in S/M, Using S/M to fight hate crimes and find missing persons, S/M going Mobile, S/M to save money (groupon etc).

5. Please let me know if you have a Google+ account and I will add you to my #Fiercechat circle. It is much easier to broadcast information on G+ vs twitter (until twitter allows you to post a message to a list).

Most of the chats I’m in are organized but there is something exciting and interesting about being in a developing forum. TY #fiercechat
Hey everyone, how about if we come up with ideas/suggestions during the week we tweet and hashtag it with#fiercechat
There are really cool communities that have come together around personal interests, etc. More so than biz.#fiercechat @GracefullyYours
RT @MackCollier: @ajmanik #fiercechat#fiercechat Thank you, here’s the post, 10 Steps to Creating a Successful Twitter Chat – http://t.co/mTtIgBi
@ajmanik #fiercechat #fiercechat Thank you, here’s the post, 10 Steps to Creating a Successful Twitter Chat -http://t.co/mTtIgBi
Personal branding could be an interesting topic maybe? #fiercechat

There are so many SM/biz/marketing/PR related chats .. perhaps we can mix but also open it up for fresher topics on #fiercechat
@Fierce_living You’re welcome. Love the topics. I agree with the others, keep it simple, and make it about the community #fiercechat
@writingrenee but we can talk about the best ways to use SM to find a job. We can also talk abt what jobs are avl for SM #fiercechat
Key will be for #fiercechat to have a certain “flavor” — can have variety of topics but create bond that keeps participants returning
@GracefullyYours you want to promote the community & not 1 person. Maybe let people co-host, but everyone promotes each other. #fiercechat
@writingrenee The primary focus will be Social Media. Topics will be general and will change every week unless…#fiercechat
@Fierce_living But if they like coming by and staying, would that burn them out or make them come back for more.. #fiercechat

@Fierce_living Yes, and flexibility is key. Gauging participation and interest, perhaps having a few ?s then “open forum” #fiercechat
@Fierce_living I don’t think you can control the size of the chat. Not for too long anyway 🙂 Start it. Let it go!
@JasonPromotesU @Fierce_living@gracefullyYours trying to promote 1 person in a chat. Can create envy, over-promotion. #fiercechat
@LoisMarketing 90 minutes can work. Look how many times those in chats want to continue because it became so interesting #fiercechat
A thought: If the conversation is lively and engaging perhaps extend the chat to 90 minutes or more. Again just a thought #fiercechat
I am part of several smaller chats – I love the connection in them! Very supportive.I have found a few good friends in big chats #fiercechat
@Fierce_living A4: it’s a slippery slope and it’s easy to offend people…in my experience 🙂 #fiercechat @Fierce_living Good idea, but isn’t that what they do on (hashtag) blogchat, although this is a samller group.#fiercechat
@Fierce_living @LoisMarketing Some of it is goolness and gurus, but some of the chats r starting to get 2 large 2 have dialogue
@Fierce_living Rather than giving a commercial, why not invite guest co-hosts from time to time? Promo can be part #fiercechat
We all have different niches. I want to diversify my interactions. I find great ideas for growth outside my normal stream #FierceChat
@Fierce_living I think that many of us still don’t like the confrontation that can come with voicing our frustrations. #fiercechat
@Fierce_living I think that many of us still don’t like the confrontation that can come with voicing our frustrations. #fiercechat
@Fierce_living These types of things are what I am looking forward to. How can I learn about others if we can’t be open? #fiercechat
…very few people want to engage with me about that. Of course I don’t want that to be the main topic but occasionally… #fiercechat
@ajmanik sure I am gay and I never see any gays in any of the chats that I’ve been involved with. If I bring up a gay issue… #fiercechat
With the ppl u attract, no chance of alienation here RT @Fierce_living: So we want to make sure that doesn’t happen in this chat #fiercechat
We want to empower people to be Fierce in their lives and in Social Media #fiercechat

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