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Hangout Topic: Preparing a holiday ham

Hangout Day: Thursday Dec 22

Hangout Time: 6 pm ET, 3 pm PT

Do you want some tips on how to prepare the best ham ever? Jake has some “Out of the Box” ideas for delicious toppings on your holiday ham. He’s also going to teach you how to prepare some out of this world mushroom and tarragon stuffing. This is one hangout you don’t want to miss!!!

There are a few open spots left so contact me ASAP if you want an invite. If you are unable to get into the hangout we will be livestreaming it here:


Watch live streaming video from fiercelivestream at livestream.com

Best Wishes for a Happy Holiday!!!


Subject: Etiquette for the Holidays and Beyond

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday December 14

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT


    • Preparation for the holidays
    • Holiday cards for business vs personal
    • Giving gifts/ thank yous
    • Invitations to boss, fellow employess, friends get togethers and parties
    • Hosting parties vs being a guest
    • Food and beverage consumption
    • Office parties
    • Dressing for the holiday events
    • Maximizing the social skill set
    • Tipping for the holidays
    • Family Matters

Useful Links:

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Peggy’s 10 Holiday Etiquette Tips

Emily Post Holiday Tipping Tips

ChocBite Hangout

The owner of ChocBite is going to design a special chocolate bar based on your instructions in a live Hangout this Friday December 16th  (4 pm ET, 3pm CT, 1 pm PT), and then send it to you – for free :).
Only if you make it as one of the 8 people on our Hangout! (Don’t worry, we’ll be using hangoutparty.com as well so you can can still enjoy the presentation she’ll be sharing with us).

You can watch us live on www.hangoutparty.com

I’ll be running a fun contest here to pick the lucky winner out of the 8 who are on the live Hangout and creating a new circle for Chocolate lovers that I’ll invite to the Hangout. So comment bellow if you want in, and get ready to have some dark FUN!

What is Chocbite?

Visit ChocBite Website if you’d like to order some delicious custom made chocolate

Subject: Feeding Trolls and Watching your Comments

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday Nov 30, 2011

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT



  • How would you define a troll?
  • Have you had many experiences with trolls?
  • How do they make you feel when you encounter them?
  • What are some effective ways to deal with them?


Avoidance is the best policy: If you can catch them shooting their mouths off, totally ignore remarks left by trolls. Don’t feed the trolls should be stuck up on a yellow sticky always.

Avoid arguments: If you do get on a one-to-one with someone you suspect to be a troll, keep your remarks to an absolute minimum. State your facts and move on. Put the ball in their court. By the second remark or so, a troll would have identified himself.

Don’t let them flatter to deceive: There is a high chance that a troll will pay a compliment or two to ingratiate himself before he starts his attack. This is a tough one as there are many real admirers who do sugar coat their comments.

Ask For Supporting Data: To net a troll in the anti-spam net, you can ask for data that can quickly verified like an email address or domain name. Genuine commentators usually have an online persona to back themselves.

The power of the webmaster: You can use blacklists and whitelists to separate the bad from the good. IP addresses can be tracked and persistent attacks from an IP or a range of IPs can be effectively blocked.

Issues with Comments:

    • Have you ever had anyone leave an inappropriate comment on a thread?
    • How did it make you feel?
    • Have you ever left inappropriate comments on somebody else’s thread?
    • Do you think your comment added to or detracted from the discussion?
    • Why do you think so many people leave disrespectful comments?
    • When is it appropriate to disagree with a post or a comment?
    • How can you engage with people you disagree with more effectively?
    • What are some best practices for dealing with negative comments?
    • What about negative reviews?
    • Don’t forget about your reputation.

Useful Links:

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Are you well versed in comment etiquette?

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Chat History

Graphic provided by: Mother Nature Network

Subject: Getting into the Holiday Spirit

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday Nov 16, 2011

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT


As the holidays quickly approach I want to lighten things up and  help us get into the holiday spirit this week with fun chat where we talk about our holiday traditions, plans, and tips for making the holidays exciting and stress free.

  • Thanksgiving Traditions
  • Tips for a great Thanksgiving meal and sides
  • Winter Holiday Traditions
  • Tips for making Holiday Meals great
  • Decorating ideas
  • Holiday crafts and baking ideas
  • Holiday parties and get togethers (party planning tips, gifts for get togethers, what to bring)
  • Unique and/or inexpensive gift ideas for family and friends

Useful Links:

Tips for a stress free Thanksgiving

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Stylish gifts under $100

Useful Holiday Planning Tips

Graphic provided by Brand Channel 

Subject: The Diversity Project – A 30 Day Journey on Google Plus

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday Nov 9, 2011

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT


Come and meet Kaela Berry and Deeone Higgs who have both contributed articles to “The Diversity Project.” We will chat with them about their life, their current goals and the articles the contributed to MediaTapper.

Mediatapper Articles:

Has Google Plus Forgotten No Child Left Behind

Ignorance is Bliss, Not a Branding Technique

    • Meet Deeone and Kaela.
    • Interesting things about Deeone and Kaela.
    • Why they decided to participate in “The Diversity Project”
    • Q/A for Deeone and Kaela.


    • Why is personal branding important in social media?
    • Things to consider for your own personal branding.
    • Tips to help you establish a personal brand and how to recover if it’s been damaged.

No Child Left Behind

    • What is No Child Left Behind?
    • What are the criteria the schools must achieve in order to meet No Child Left Behind?
    • What happens when a school doesn’t meet the requirements?
    • What are the alternatives for parents?

Graphic from CaseNotes on No Child Left Behind

Useful Links:

Hashtracking Report/ Recap

LA schools are organizing to make education improvements

Alternatives to Public School using online education

Learn more about No Child Left Behind

Learn more about branding at BrandChannel

Subject: Dealing with Stress

Chat Hashtag: #FierceChat

Date: Wednesday Nov 2, 2011

Time: 5 pm – 6 pm PT


  • What are some of the things that happen in your life that cause stress?
  • How does stress affect you?
  • What are some sources of unnecessary stress?
  • When is it appropriate to just say no? How good are you at saying no?
  • Are there certain people or certain types of people that cause you stress?
  • What are your hot button items? Do they add or detract from your stress?
  • Do you often try to do too much?
  • What are some unhealthy ways people deal with stress?
  • What are some things you can do to prevent stress?
  • When you do become stressed what are some healthy ways you can manage it?
  • Is Social Media a source of stress or stress relief for you?

Useful Links:

Stress tips 

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